Dienstag, 4. Oktober 2011

abby lee tee - stray cat remixes

-> free download via bandcamp

1 morning scene (ritornell rework)
2 liability (comfort fit remix)
3 hungry cats (swede:art remix)
4 tab 80 (dusty crates remix)
5 voodoo (chrisfader & testa remix)
6 monozyte (kalifornia kurt remix)
7 stuck into (minor sick remix)
8 bravel tug (feux remake)

abby lee tee - stray cat (limited vinyl edition)

abby lee tee`s "stray cat" vinyl edition (limited to 250):

available at:
more soon!

"stray cat brings together the knowledge of abby lee tee`s love for djing into his
love for producing, seemless textures interwoven into a delightful sound designed
summer soundtrack. perfect for those long distance motorway ventures."
jay scarlett (beatdimensions / ampsoul.blogspot.com)

morning scene
sauvage (feat. minor sick)
stuck into

hungry cats
tab 80 (feat. kalifornia kurt)
travel bug
voodoo (feux remix)
hungry cats (swede:art remix)

-> "stuck into" video
-> "stray cat`s inner turmoil" mix
shash records 002 / ISCR: ATGD91100200

elliot - warm jazz rain (abby lee tee remix)