Abby Lee Tee

©Andreea Săsăran

"Austria, Vienna in particular, got Dorian Concept and The Clonious when it comes to forward-thinking beat music. Both of these guys have a unique style rooted in Jazz, Soul and Funk, but filtered and distorted by their love for electronic (dance-) music. While the scene strongly focuses on the US Bay Area and the UK, originating from Austria makes you an outsider still. But being overlooked is not necessarily a problem. Abby Lee Tee calls Linz home, and what we hear from down there is 100% next level shit." (Sven Swift / error broadcast)

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©Helga Traxler

Andaka is a DJ from Austria who's playing livesets since 2002. Having great interest in every kind of music which creates this special feeling of floating through. Illustrious for mixing variety and enchanting people.

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Dear-No (formerly known as Chronotpimist) is an Linz / Austria-based Musician, djing and producing since 1998. In 2014 he released his first album as "Dear-No", combining various influences from his hip hop roots to house and basically every kind of electronic music. Furthermore he`s doing a lot of sound design for short films, installations and commercials.

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DeeAit is a producer based in Vienna / Austria. Beside his main occupation as a designer and illustrator he has been able to fine-tune his music to a perfect mixture of deep and warm jazz-influenced sounds and club-enchanting grooves.

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The Vienna-based Duo called Doomdubberz is a project dedicated to Dub music. Their mission is to bring a little sunshine into grey everyday life. Their style is a sweet mix of Reggae, Funk and of course a lot of Dub. Expect laid back instrumental tracks and feel good off-beat!

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©Thomas Ghahremanian

GC (also known as Lowa) is a producer and rapper from Linz / Austria. Because of his endless love for music and the support of a bunch of friends he decided to found and run Shash Records with them. In his always growing studio he`s also mixing and mastering the most of the label`s releases.

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Head Top Miners

©Head Top Miners

They enter your conscience and don't let it go. Head Top Miners transform frequencies into soundsculptures and deliver the soundtrack for the mental cinema of the 21st century. Staccato-strings collide with floating basslines and broken beats. Snares become knitting needles and hit electrified bedsprings at 140 bpm, crackle with every impact and leave small craters in the musical mosaics. Precise punchlines burn into beats like a brand into a fat cow's ass: unavoidable, eternal. Apocalyptic thoughts of a spiritual rebel turn into verbal lightnings with the power of approaching asteroids.Twang and Kinetical, two orbits – parallel paths up to now – fall into each other, to become one in the end. Head Top Miners move experienced in the wide field of electronic music, set their musical accents between dubstep, triphop, downbeat and grime, without final positioning. With enchaining intensity, every track plays on your nerves like skilled fingers on a harp. No music for the pipe smoking ponderer, but an energetic, edged listening experience for the nocturnal ramble through the urban jungle.

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Mischmeister M

©sytem jaquelinde

With his first steps in music production in the late 90ies, the Upper Austrian collected a multitude of influences along his way. With intricately designed synths and the prominent use of low frequencies, Mischmeister M creates the foundation of his productions, a mix of downtempo, breakbeats and electronica, wrapped in the neon glow of a retrofuturistic dystopia.

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"The young beatmaker from the Salzkammergut has worked hard on his beats since 6 years. Initially the instrumentals only consisted of a sample and drums, but now he has developed into one massive beatsmith who is experimenting a lot with various synthesizers and different sounds. Recently Stikz released on SHASH RECORDS the CLAVA EP and played his first live set at the Ars Electronica Festival in Linz. Lots of 8 bit synths, hard Boom Bap drums and a few samples mix into one electronic soup that even an old school Hip Hop head would dig. " (playfm)

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Valabaluza is a producer and sound designer based in Vienna / Austria, focusing on heavy beats and basslines ranging from hip hop to dubstep.

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Ylwfrnd is a young producer from Gothenburg / Sweden creating wonderfully melodic jazz-influenced beats.

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